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About Us

The Kestrel Story

Kestrel was born because the federal government asked us to provide online payments for child support in the northwest states. Due to the success of that program and demand from various municipalities and state agencies, we expanded that mission to include all government entities throughout the United States.
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Our government-centric payment solutions make it convenient and affordable for your constituents to make payments through easy-to-use electronic commerce platforms such as online, Point of Sale, and phone. All of our services are focused on helping citizens save time and safeguard money.

Partner with Kestrel and benefit from:

  • NO COST to government entities
  • INCREASED collection rates
  • DEDICATED customer service team
  • 100% GUARANTEED payments

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Team Kestrel


April Daniel

Client Relationship Representative

Matt Wade

Client Relationship Representative


Client Relationship Representative

The Team behind Team Kestrel


Chris Hart


Brian Machek


Melissa Bennefield

Director of Project Management

Peggy Ball

Director of Strategic Business Development

Michael Marschall

Ecommerce compliance Manager


Director of IT


Director of HR
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Whom We Serve

Kestrel Government Payment Solutions is dedicated to developing payment technologies designed to increase constituent satisfaction, collection rates, and agency efficiencies. We serve all state and local government agencies such as:

  • Cities, Towns, and Counties
  • Clerks of Court
  • State Government Agencies
  • Special Districts

Payment Solutions

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With PayNowLink, processing your payments is just a click away.

Accept all major credits cards plus:

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Make it Easy
A payment processing link that can be added to any webpage or web-based portal to process any government-related payment. Unlimited custom field data can also be passed with payment for reporting/reconciliation purposes.
Take Control
You are in control of the design of your webpage and the information you require to collect from your customer. Allow your customers to pay with ease with all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal®, GooglePay®, ApplePay®, Venmo®, and e-checks.
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PayPoint EMV supports contact, contactless, and mobile transaction types.

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Paypoint EMV is our over-the-counter, point of sale solution for portably processing credit card and debit card payment. Allow your customers to make contactless payments using GooglePay® and ApplePay® digital wallets.

EMV chips are better encrypted than magnetic stripes and create unique transaction codes that can’t be used again.
EMV cards can support contactless payments on cards enabled with that feature.
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Empower your constituents with our intelligent, pay-by-phone solution.

Take control of your voice automation by upgrading from your aging legacy IVR platform with limited features. Add TelePayIVR to your contact center solution and quickly grow beyond its basic IVR features.

Delight Your Constituents
More than two-thirds of callers expect to get answers on the first call through self-service. Impress them with a customer-first automation strategy designed to serve their needs quickly and efficiently.
Empower your staff
Reduce the amount of time your staff spends on typical calls and mundane tasks. Now they can spend more quality time resolving those higher-tier, complicated customer issues. That means quicker resolution and happier constituents.

Take Control Of Your IVR

Peace of Mind Security
PCI compliant and NACHA certified, HIPAA and NIST 800-53 compliant with SOC-2 mapped to HITRUST controls.

Product Features

Accept all major credit cards and eCheck. Includes built-in integration with Kestrel’s payment solutions for governments.

Account Info Lookups
Easily access payment, balance, due dates, and more.

No Engineers Needed
TelePayIVR makes it easy to build complex IVR’s without the need for technical staff.

Data-Driven IVR’s
Connect with data sources for intelligent call flows that know details about the caller.

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Overall Increase in Electronic Payments After Adding IVR Payments

Large Utility Company
54% Increase

After six months of promoting pay by phone availability

Small Utility Company
63% Increase

After nine months of promoting pay by phone availability

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Transactions WITHOUT Payments Suite

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Transactions WITH Payments Suite

West Coast Municipality
23% Increase

After four months of promoting pay by phone availability

East Coast Municipality
9% Increase

After four months of promoting pay by phone availability

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Transactions WITHOUT Payments Suite

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Transactions WITH Payments Suite

Contact Us

For assistance with all online government payments, including venmo and paypal, call 844-577-5649
For any billing, sales, or technical support questions, call 850-414-2210

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